How to submit your proposal

You can send your material in PDF or Word format at info(at)

In your email, please enter a short text (up to 5 lines) explaining the reasons for choosing our publishing house and for which we might be interested in publishing you.

Attach, together with the proposal, a synopsis and an excerpt of no more than 30 pages (choose those that you think are more representative of the work, not necessarily the first ones).

Evaluation of proposals

Because of the high number of proposals that come to us, we cannot guarantee everyone an individual feedback.

You will receive a confirmation to make sure your material has come to our attention. However, a failure to respond within four months of sending the material, it should be interpreted as a negative evaluation.

However, that does not necessarily mean that we have judged your work of bad quality. It is possible that it is just not in the interest of our editorial line or that our Publishing House does not intend to invest in any further projects than those already planned.

Having said that, please do not send the same work more than once, or even the same work in different versions. In addition, if you do not receive a reply after receiving confirmation, please do not send further emails and do not call the secretary to know the status of your manuscript or have any judgment as the secretary does not deal with manuscripts and has no information on it.

Consider that our publications are of in scientific and didactic fields. We do not exclude the possibility of publishing other types of texts, but our judgment, in that particular case, will be particularly selective and your proposal is more likely to arrive at a time when our editorial projects are already occupied by other publications more adhering to our editorial line.

Remember that publishing a book for a publisher is a choice and an investment, it is not an obligation.